Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bad News PWB

Bad News PWB


Badnews, born and raised a native of the Lower East Side a.k.a The 6 Borough, my name Badnews was given to me by the streets from other kids parents, and teachers from my early childhood. The name stood with me through out my street life growing up, so now I’m BADNEWS. I played a part of the whole Hip Hop culture from break dancing, up-rocking, electric boogie, graffiti, also being a member of Crush City and the Almighty Zulu Nation (chapter 15). I played a major part of Hip Hop. That was just a little history for yall! Now you can expect to hear a combination of Rap/Hip Hop, (the best of both worlds) from the old to the new. Musically I featured on the D&D project compilation album, under the group 2 Mental in stores. I also appeared on various Mix tapes such as Ron G, DJ Bamm Bamm, DJ Status, DJ Jemani, DJ Cashis Kay & Mister Marlon, DJ Keyz & Fully Focus, BNRD,Pulcro Mixtape(from spain) and All Access DVD, just to name a few. Badnews has an original straight forward unique style sounding like no other In the Hip Hop/Rap game. Start the Bidding Wars Vol 1. (street CD/DVD Mix tape) gives you a vivid introduction to the beginning of Badnews A.K.A. Dirty Pistols, from a street perspective. Explore the journey of Badnews from hood 2 hood ghetto 2 suburb, U.S 2 over sea’s and worldwide.

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